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Sunday, 3 June 2012

A vision for the enhancement

A vision for the enhancement of common creativity by the households clothes (wears & home furnishings etc) can boost  the India’s exports (by introducing  emotion-controlled-designed  clothes) Indian ancient wisdom of classical music, being a unifying force is most sought after peace.
Our  concept  is  based on  the  knowledge  that  what  appears  a  solid  is  only  so  because  of  frequency  of  wavelengths  that  our  senses  are  capable  of  perceiving.  Our  mind  creates  image  from  the continuum of  free flowing  energy on the screen of consciousness is well  defined  by  the  field  theory  in  quantum  physics  & neuroscience in neurology. Nature should be seen as dynamic networks of interactions (networks of concepts) with observers being integral component of the universe.   Encompassing  energy  continuum  is  important  factor as it starts to oscillate on being stimulated by an external source. Sound wave is produced through superposition of proportionate combination of overtones. The displacement amplitude (function of kinetic energy) & pressure amplitude (function of potential energy) having phase difference of 90 degrees oscillate about their equilibrium position within permissible region of medium. When it made to oscillates on the backdrop of classical music a sweet sensational sound we perceive is of highly appreciable & peaceful we feel while interacting or hearing. The whole episode of oscillations of encompassing energy can be mapped out to give a shape of highly objective fascinating /soothing configuration of design for wears and home furnishings.   

It is said that space is pulsating in layers (patterns) of variable energy strengths. The superposition of these layers give rise the birth of infinite forms of non-livings & living beings. Experimental facts  that several waves can traverse the same medium independently of one another. Similarly the superposition of the two specific overtones give rise the birth of musical notes. Also, again the proportionate combinations of proportionate overtones give rise the birth of a fascinating musical tunes or symphony.
The potential difference between either layers or proportionate overtones give rise the steady flow & transfer of energy gives the net effects. It is the expression of our configuration of designs for clothes.
Above episode can be mapped out in terms of a design of stripes as energy layers. Glimpses of group of stripes having mapped out on the backdrop of above musical scale (of proportionate overtones) giving the effects of being in motion transcends the observer’s mind by inducing the feelings of peace & harmony thereby transcends the everyone whoever get interacted. As we make a conscious efforts to stay connected with this realization, we become better equipped to playing roles our life.

Given the fact that the universe is an interconnected web of physical & mental relations whose end points of the chain (according to renowned physicists Heisen Berg ) lie in the realm of consciousness. Modern physics reveals the universe as inseparable integrated network of interactions. These interaction involves the ceaseless flow of energy: a dynamic interplay between the creation & absoption of energy layers in a continual variation of energy layers. It is continuous medium present everywhere in space, come and go thereby dissolving into underlying field known as quantum field. Universe is seen as dynamic web of interrelated phenomena, they all follow from the properties of other phenomena and overall consistency of their mutual relations determines the structure of entire space. In this network of interactions one can define a unknown natural phenomena in terms of a known phenomena (in this case musical phenomena is known to large extent thus the phenomena of variable stripes can be understand in this way).When we understand something from sound phenomena then we can configured out it into designs of clothes.            

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