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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


(for connecting real world)


By virtue of being a science graduate I take up an opportunity of textiles design in solving a burning problems of stress management by the help of most interacted household clothes we use in our every day life. The knowledge gained while coordinating prints & design in a export house along with learning of quantum field theory in modern physics have helped me to formulate the simple solutions of ARDUOUS problems.   Concept of UNITY however plays significant role while evolution of universe. It’s all I felt necessary to include it in textile designing. I used energy layers because music is the unique unifying force of energy (in layers). It is the mathematics of proportionate combinations of overtones which can be mapped out into proportionate stripes (as energy   By virtue of being proportionate, the steady flow & transfer of potential energy into kinetic energy transpires the feeling of peace to observer because of superposition of energy layers. Proportionate combination is simple function of sine/cosine. Our senses are usually like to evaluate quickly is the simple function out of those of abundant choices. Following configuration of stripes is the combination of sine & cosine functions in terms of sound waves where its superposition gives rise fascinating effects thereby transcends every observer’s mind in either case. Get interacted with configuration enclosed herewith draw your own conclusions. Mind and matter are interdependent, correlated mutually enfolding projection of higher reality can be compared with that of higher reality of classical music.

Knowing is impossible without seeing as it has its source is in seeing, thus seeing is the basis of knowing ; when these two get superimposed/compounded gives rise the creation of peace thereby increases his/her creativity. Modern physics reveals the universe as inseparable interacted network of interactions. These interactions involve ceaseless flow of energy; a dynamic interplay between creation & absorptions of energy layers in continual variation of layers present everywhere in space, come & go thereby dissolving into underlying field known as Quantum Field; as dynamic web of interrelated phenomena, they all follow from the properties of other phenomena and overall consistency of their mutual relations determines the structure of entire space. In this network of interactions one can define the properties of unknown phenomena (group of stripes) of designs in terms of known phenomena of musical sound in physics.

Direct intuitive mode of consciousness (non conceptual insights) includes the sudden cognition or remembering of a forgotten name or place on the one hand, is occurred due to shifting of attention from the utmost concentrated mode to relaxation mode; an interplay between conscious mind & the continuous functions of subconscious mind;  interaction is mediated by the curiosity cultivated through the chain of knowledge-understanding-attitude-approach whereas on the other hand , the indirect intuitive mode of consciousness (as conceptual insights) includes the phenomena of creation of photons in the wake of interaction between the two electrons of different mode. In this case the interaction is mediated by the photons.  Science is shared by the most because it is self evident, objective, possesses ability to rise above all kind of dogma prejudices, beliefs and manages to convert the subjective experience (peace) into logical statements through statistical analysis. As we make conscious efforts to stay connected with the realization of energy transformation (potential energy to kinetic energy) we become better equipped with the playing of roles of our life. Knowledge that what appear object is only so because of frequency of wavelengths that our senses (eyes & ears) are capable of perceiving.  Our mind creates image from the continuum of free flowing energy layers on the screen of consciousness. Given the fact that the universe is an interconnected web of physical & mental relations whose end point, (according to renowned physicists Heisen Berg), lies in the realms of consciousness which means observer being a integral components of the universe. When several effects take place simultaneously, their net effects is the sum total of the individual effect. A simple wave can be the total sum of several simple waves which means several waves can traverse the same medium independent of one an other. It all happens due to superposition. In fact, our brain takes decision based on what it can evaluate most quickly (influenced by perceptive apparatus) of several those unorganized choices.
Ensemble of stripe represent the proportionate combination of overtones of musical scale. It gives the net effects of being in motion as sound wave propagates through space. It is equipped with KE by having given the effect of being in motion while PE by having given the proportionate space between stripes to empower the moving effect (as PE is converted into KE). Complete peace is possible if total PE is converted into KE. It is easy to experience by everyone while swinging on a swing (JHULA)

Music is well known for its influence on emotions. It is mathematics of proportionate overtones being represented by the periodic function of sine & cosine where its superposition (of proportionate overtones) gives the creation of musical composition. Analogy enables us to draw these overtones in terms of energy layers represented by group of stripes of proportionate combinations. It can be configured out in terms of Classical Music. The whole episode of periodic oscillation then can be introduced in terms of displacement amplitude (fun. of kinetic energy) & pressure amplitude (fun. of potential energy) can be thought of emotion’s characteristic being integral parts of emotions. While composing music the KE (displacement amplitude) & the PE (pressure amplitude) of medium oscillates periodically about equilibrium position within permissible region where continual transforming of potential energy into kinetic energy is essential for ensuring sensational music. It is true for human body being inseparable component of this universe. It is worth one’s while be lived up with similar designed clothes and be confirmed by self examination about the patters we are enclosing.   

The proportionate combination of proportionate overtones possesses with potential difference ensure steady flow & transfer of energy from potential energy to kinetic energy in either music or in configuration of stripes. Since our senses are capable to perceive simple functions. Interaction is an inevitable part of human’s life can’t live in isolation.  It’s interplay between emotion & ego. The perceived identity that we (as observer) have about others (observed) does/doesn’t connect well with the perceived identity the others (observed) have of us (observer) is a pleasant or unpleasant interaction respectively. It implies that observer and observed must be attuned with each other to enhance the creativity of observer.

Analogy enables us to solve & get control over the human’s emotions with help of textiles designs in terms of science of music. Ensemble of proportionate (fun. of sine or cosine) combinations of stripes represents the proportionate combination of overtones of music. It gives the net effects being in motion (as motion of emotion)

The products we intend to produce is of cutting-edge technology & designs. It not only transpire long-lasting peace/harmony but also enhances creativity thereby observer becomes objective & ambitious. It helps convert his/her potential energy into kinetic energy thus becomes energetic & desirous. Complete peace is possible only when the total PE is converted into KE.  

Vision for gradual cumulative gains, creates conducive environment connecting real world, can enhance export of textiles. Mind and metter being interdependent, correlated mutually and holding projections of higher reality parallel to that of classical music.

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