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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Brain-change can only change the human’s lives on our planet.

It’s Brain-initiative to excel Indians parallel to Obama’s Brain-initiative launched in USA to defeat Indians and Chinese.                                       (May be undertaken by BRD)

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From R.L.Singh
Ekkuo efLr’d dk fdz;k&dyki ?kM+h esa yxs isUMqye ds vuq:Ik gS A rky&esy ;k gkjeksuh ds lkFk nksyu ;k vklhys’ku ds fy, isUMqye ds uhpys Nksj esa yxs fiUM] ftldh uspqjy iksVsfUl;y ,uthZ (PE) isUMqye ds xfrt mtkZ ;k dkbusfVd ,uthZ (KE) esa yxkrkj V~zkUlQj gksrh jgrh gS] QyLo:Ik isUMqye ds nksyu esa rky&esy ;k ,d:irk ;k gkjeksuh cuh jgrh gSA vxj bl uspqjy iksVsfUl;y ,uthZ esa uaspj&fo:} ;fn dksbZ cnyko dj fn;k tk; rks isUMqye ds nksyu esa rky&esy ;k ,d:irk ;k gkjeksuh lekIr gks tkrh gS ;kfu ,d fuf’pr Lrj ls iksVsfUl;y ,uthZ ds vf/kd ;k de gks tkus ij isUMqye vfuf”pr&ikFk esa  nksyu djus yxsxk A bls  Lissajous figures ls le>k tk ldrk gSA ,slk gh gky euq’; ds efLr"d dk gSA euq’; dk iksVsfUl;y ,uthZ tks mlds ukyst ¼Kku½] vosjusl ;k  dkWUklslusl (Consciousness) ,oa ekbUM iSVuZ dk izfrQy gksrk gS rFkk bUgha ds dkj.k fdUgh fo’ks’k dkj.kksa ds QyLo:Ik LokFkZ] vgaHkko ;k vKkurk (Ego) dk tUe gksrk gSA ;fn bl iksVsfUl;y ,uthZ esa vko”;drk ls vf/kd ¼fdlh futh Qk;ns ads dkj.k½ cnyko gks tk;] Bhd oSls tSls fd isUMqye ds nksyu esa] euq’; ds efLr’d ds nksyu esa [kycyh (agitate) ep tkrh gS] rFkk mldk nksyu&ikFk vfuf’pr gks tkrk gS ] QyLo:Ik  lsUV~zy&uoZl&flLVe }kjk izk;ksftr ijlsfIVo vijsV~l (Perceptive apparatus) kVuk dks okLrfod :Iak ls xzg.k ugha dj ikrk ]ftlds dkj.k euq’; ds lkspus] le>us ;k dksbZ fu.kZ; ysus dh {kerk (decision making Power) esa fxjkoV gks tkrh gSA  efLr’d ds nksyu&ikFk esa ,d:irk ykus ds fy, ;qfDriw.kZ vgaHkko (Ego) dk xfrt mtkZ (KE)Z ;k dkbusfVd ,uthZ esa iw.kZ&:is.k VzkalQj (absorb) gksuk vfr vko”;d gS] ;|fi euq’; dks vkxs c<+us ds fy, FkksM+k vgaHkko (Ego) dk gksuk vko”;d gS rHkh euq’; dk eu dke djus esa  yxsxk vFkkZr euq’; dk VksVy mtkZ Hkh iksVsfUl;y buthZ vkSj dkbusfVd buthZ dk ;ksx gksrk gS tks izd`fr esa Hkh oSKkfud fof/k ls izsfDVdyh lgh ik;k x;k gSA
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izLrqr duQ~;wxjs’ku Dykfldy E;wftd ds dEikst djus esa mRiUu ys;j dks iznZf’kr djrk gSA pWwfd ckj&dksM esa oLrq dh dher ds lkFk mldk lEiw.kZ bfrgkl fNik jgrk gS ftls ystj fdj.k }kjk gh i<+k tk ldrk gS mlh izdkj izLrqr djQ;wxjs’ku esa eueksgd Dykfldy E;wftd dh mtkZ fNih jgrh gS tks vkW[k ds ek/;e ls efLr’d ikjLifjd &fdz;k (interaction) ds QyLo:Ik efLr’d vius vki gkjeksukbt  gksrh jgrh gS rFkk l`tu’khyrk dk fodkl gksrk gSA
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English version.
Almost scientific community of the word believes that brain-change can only change the human’s lives on our planet.
(In same version in Hindi  by prominent neurologist Dr. Ashok Pangariya – Jaipur)
From :  R.L. singh
Object: Need of hour is to devise emotion-controlled cloths ( fashion houses & others should  cooperate  & think of their duties towards Nation) to make the people aware of science of morals (ethics) in one’s life (self  regulation of own mind).

Subject: Superposition of overtones around us in space (in the field of pulsating Photons) give rise the birth of fascinating sound (music), therefore with same logic, its configuration (proportionate stripes) in state of its superposition  can control emotions thereby enhances observes’ creativity & self – steem for making quick decision.
How does superposition work in nature:
Superposition principle in nature holds wherever mathematical relation between deformation & restoring force ( of medium) is one of simple proportionality. It does not hold when equation governing wave’s motion is not linear. It happens when wave disturbance is relatively large and ordinary linear laws of (nature) action between deformation and restoring force is no longer hold. Beyond elastic limit of medium, the Hooke’s law no longer holds because equation governing their propagation is quadratic. For Electromagnetic waves, the Superposition principle holds because the mathematical relations between the electric and magnetic fields are linear.

Electromagnetic waves & creation:
Designing or art is an expression of what lays in one’s subconscious mind (sentiments) whereas science is rational expression imposing some rules on one’s sentiments. Since the rational expression is the movement of energy that takes place in rhythm with definite rule and yet no violation of law have so far been found in physics. Energy is basically like see of electromagnetic waves of pulsating photons (Photons are resulted from interplay between electrons). Photons are waves pulsating endlessly in rhythm of what nearby outer space is constituted through which we observe everything. Lay out of rational expression in state of its superposition can controlled the motion of energy ( emotion) pulsating at the screen of consciousness.

Similarity between Brain & pendulum:
            Brain always swings (like pendulum) between two opposite extremes as information (energy) flows in general (Quantum Field Theory), awareness that all opposites are polar and thus merges into unity, since all extremes opposites say wave-particle are interdependent and their conflict can never result in total victory of one side but will always be a manifestation of the dynamic interplay (say superposition) between opposite. A quantum superposition state reveals all quantum states (are seen as) unqualified/unquestioned oneness. Unification of opposite concept in modern physics can be found at subatomic level where particle are both destructible & indestructible. Matter is both continuous & discontinuous. The fact that particle interact through forces which manifest themselves as exchange of other particles. In physics, is yet another reason why subatomic world can not be decomposed into constituents of part.

Role of potential energy :
            In general, harmonious swinging of (said) pendulum depends on the periodic transfer of natural potential energy arise due to gravity into the kinetic energy of oscillation that maintain harmony in it’s oscillating path. However if said potential energy is made to change as per one’s choice (sentiments) against nature of pendulum, the swinging path could not remain in order. Similarly human’s potential energy being function of knowledge gained, awareness or consciousness perceived along with thinking pattern of mind, is made to change as per one’s choice (sentiments) against nature, or (Science of Moral) as that of pendulum, the swinging path of brain also changed like that of pendulum. In the event of changed brain-path, the perceptive apparatus could not be able to perceive events properly and hampering creativity & decision making power severely. It is seen that soft music relieves wavering brain silently and quickly as potential energy arise due to condensed air-layers transferred periodically in the kinetic energy of air-layer, that moving forward. These forward movements of layers gets strike to ear-drum of observers who sense great deal of relives from wavering mind. Whole episode can be mapped out in terms of overtones of spectrum of classical music 
Oscillation path & perceptions :
Natural oscillation of mind between two extreme opposites in oscillating path ](like pendulum) can be achieved if ambition-ride-ego of a virtuous persons be converted into the kinetic energy of activity to maintain periodic and harmonic oscillation of brain in oscillating path. These help the perceptive apparatus to perceive events properly and increase the power to take quick decision.

 How soul gets amplified :
Harmonic swinging of brain between two extreme opposites in oscillating path (like that of pendulum), is possible is only if legitimate ego (sentiment) be converted fully into kinetic energy (activity) of a person; though the ego (strong sentiment) is like stimuli which stimulate the conscious mind towards activity. Oscillation of brain in oscillating path helps the perceptive apparatus (operators) of person to perceive events properly and so increases the power to take decision quickly.
Since everything of universe is interconnected, interrelated with everything else, therefore we have incorporated the various discoveries about laws of nature so for done in physics, for understanding the dilemma of underlying reality behind brain. We can not decompose the universe into parts; though the parts are more understandable or gives more information than whole.

R.L. Singh B.Sc., BHU (1970)

Ex Coordinator (Prints & Designs) OJJAS, Jaipur.