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Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Derives to world of peace & harmony by connecting real world

Everything we see in the universe is made up of energy continuum. All non-living & living beings are the manifestations of the same energy. The oscillating energy layers yet invisible but one who creates us and the style in which it oscillates are the real-self one who regulates us. Presevarance (the continual effort & determination) to live the real-self (true-being) is key to success. We need to uphold our real-self. It’s all about Q-life style derives from the facts discovered in neuroscience & quantum physics.    

        Human’s brain permits/perceives only one of two values at any given point of time like computers programming to serve the operating system a binary code that can have only one of the two values at any given point of time. Assigning both values simultaneously at any point of time will corrupt the software & hangs the system.

        The sharp edge of reason coupled with a perceptive bias tendency cleaves   integrative intangible superposition into fragmented tangibility. It is equivalent to where the part makes more sense because it provides more information than the whole gives. The conflict between wave & particle reflects a limitation of perception. The brain is programmed to interpret only unity as partial virtual diversity similar to a event as a drop of water splits the light into spectral delusion of seven stripes of colours. Duality is a perceptive warp that compel /coerces the senses into a distortion of the fundamental entity (non-duality, light is a fundamental entity).     

        Quantum superposition state reveals all quantum states as an unqualified oneness.( by Deepak M Ranade, a renowned consultant neurosurgeon)

        Quantum physics says reality is subjected to observers. Observer quashes the superposition possibility to the observed & unobserved both simultaneously. Our sensory comprehension can cognise only polarised (two completely & separately opposing groups like black & white stripes having linear relationships between them). Sensory perception assimilates or accords unequivocal polarity (any of the two wave or particle). Perceptive faculties cannot perceive a simultaneous concurrent that is inclusive rather than exclusive. Quantum state of superposition is an unqualified oneness (to the largest degree possible). It has been observed by the juxtaposed camera just placing closer to scrutinize either (wave or particle) near  double slit experiment in physics. Scientists disappointed having seen this that the  photons reverted to its particle aspect suggesting an unbelievable awareness that photon gets mutate to wave aspect from particle when it realised that it was under scrutiny (being intelligent). What we mean is that the wave pattern as a whole is a manifestation of the particle. It is a property of observer’s sensitiveness that divides them into two opposite concepts of wave & particle.

 The clear-cut views & findings by Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Chairman UPA, about modern patterns of fashion designing are highly admirable for those who believe in Indian values. She has slammed the trends in her convocation’s speech in NIFT at Raibareilly in UP. It persists, perhaps! the fact, that neither leading fashion houses nor govt. controlled fashion institutes (are found interested in making the use of modern findings) responding about human’s perceptive behaviours described in neuroscience & by quantum field theory (physics). I feel, we need to take credit of the NIFT through R/D for meaningful (rational) designed wears against the odds or meaningless (irrational) designed wears. Rational wears induces peace & harmony whereas irrational designs induce ego means distorted the harmony of mind.

           Since the quantum-like mind gives the ability to process quantum realities (creativity & harmony). We should have to process quantum realities because it is the most powerful reality. It has infinite freedom, energy, & intelligence. According to the professor of neurology of Harvard Medical School, Rudolph E Tanzi & Deepak Chopra, the quantum mind gives ability to process quantum realities provided the mind is attuned to the level of quantum reality. Thus our fashion should be conceptualized on the backdrop of what the science advice.

         Quantum reality can be conceptualised into pattern of classical music using the field theory of quanta (the most consistent universally accepted theory) as prototype pattern of human’s wears. It becomes tool to control the human’s emotions on interaction. Rhythmic superposition of sound waves wavering around space yet invisible but very powerful, give rise peace on interaction. Anybody can feel the experience of soothing on being interacted with patterns as given in website.

         NIFT should be given responsibility through R/D in procuring such household cloths that enhances peace/harmony to mind & creativity. Peace itself comes from creation. The patterns which control the emotions will enhance our EXPORTS VOLUMES manifolds provided awareness program regarding power of intriguing* superposition (causes creation of harmony) of sound waves through R/D is taught well to the world.

        Concept incorporates the wisdom of yore PATANJAL YOGA in terms of quantum reality on the backdrop of Indian Classical Music. Psychologists have accepted the latent power of musical sound waves. It is due to rhythmic superposition of two sound waves wavering around space on stimulation/interaction. The physical strengths of superimposed waves have been tested in labs. Thus such configuration can be a way for SUBCONSCIOUS to communicate with CONSCIOUS mind.

          Thus the configuration drawn on the backdrop of mathematics of overtones can be a way for subconscious to communicate with conscious mind. It is to be ascertained with R/D by NIFT by employing a neurologist. It is the single way ! perhaps to probe the mental health of country’s men.

          Healthy neurological household cloths is the need of the times as psychoanalysis have become the biggest sector (health) even in the most advanced country like in US and increasing @20% throughout the world.

Fashion-addiction has become the most undesired-social evil (in absence of awareness )  is what once the UPA’s chairman Mrs Sonia Gandhi stated in similar words in NIFT’s convocation at  Raibareilly. She, perhaps ! think, the NIFT should devise what is known as meaningful fashion against irrational or meaningless fashion. It can be achieved with the help of neuroscience & quantum reality only. Awareness programme should be arranged as moral duty by NIFT in good faith & makes people aware of their mental health& creativity.

Note that if our mind is attuned to the level of quantum reality, it becomes highly creative. The quantum-mind (according to professor of neurology Rudolph E Tanzi & Deepak Chopra of Harvard Medical School) gives ability to process quantum reality. We have to process quantum- reality as it is the most powerful realities. It has infinite potential, energy and intelligence.

Creativity is one which involves the control on emotion. Evaluation of any concept into Industrial (Research) Framework requires vast knowledge in almost all discipline other than what taught in class rooms. One must upgrade their knowledge regarding modern findings and happenings going around world.     

 In the eye of neuroscience , there are concepts like God, Religion, Expression of Spirituality, Beliefs, Likes, Dislikes, Pleasures, Pains, Anxiety, Fear, Joy, All types of Learning, Identity of self (ego) including all types of thoughts arises in the mind are complex concepts. It affects our lives profoundly. What is primary is the consciousness animating these identities. Concept based on learning leads to conditioning of intellect. Identity of own-self is also a concept. Various influences of environment mould this concept of identity of self. Eventually each person becomes an eclectic mix of ideas, concepts and opinions accumulated from diverse influences. All thoughts that arise in the mind are also concept that have learned & acquired. Anxiety, fear, joy, happiness & sorrow are the concepts that affect our lives profoundly. Pleasure & pain are mere sensations mediated by neurotransmitters as response to the events happens in the environment. The sense of pleasure or pain never affects the sense of am-ness which is impermeable.




Since, all thoughts are in effect founded on the backdrop of above mentioned concepts. Thoughts are also derivatives of assumed identity. They have no priority existence. They are secondary to the identity. Thoughts are image & attributes of the conceptual identity arising and subsiding (in a continual variation of energy patterns) on the screen of consciousness.

Liberation is wiping off of these concepts including the concepts of self as identity.

The sense of ‘I’ am needs no knowledge to become just am-ness. The I-ties to perceive am-ness using forms and concepts. But am-ness is supraconceptual. It exists plainly and uncharacteristically and obviously. Realisation would be shift from “I” am to just plain am-ness without the pronoun “I”residing in sense of mere am-ness. Interaction with energy configuration will help to rid over the ego (‘I’ am) of users.

A decision is essentially a way out of the maze created by the concepts mentioned above, is a construct, that is, unique in every situation. We certainly cannot design the maze as per our choices. The impact of the situational maze restricts our decision-making to a very narrow bandwidth of exercising our choice. Free will is restricted by the circumstances. Priding ourselves about achievements very often is a trespass by our ego of the controlled domain. It might makes a fabulous recipe, but the credit in all probability is not due to the individual or his mind but because of a string of factors and circumstances. Making a decision is essentially a way out of the maze created by the concepts as mentioned above, in fact, a construct unique in every situation. Arrive at a decision is analogous to the creation of virtual particles that created out of interaction between two subatomic particles  OR  between conscious & subconscious mind in the wake of remembering of some forgotten names of a person or place. It is due to shifting of awareness OR interplay between the above. It is sudden immediate insight OR direct intuitive mode of consciousness. It is equivalent to dynamic interplay in which virtual particles are created  & destroyed without end in a continual variation (arising & subsiding of energy on the screen of consciousness) of energy patterns in quantum  field theory in physics, the mathematical frame work of which has passed countless successful tests and is universally accepted as consistent & accurate description of universal phenomena of subatomic particles in physics suggesting that the configuration in terms of quantum  reality on the backdrop of Indian Classical Music is the most consistent to enhance the creativity. 

There are times when we are faced with crunch of situations. And the decision we make could alter the course of not just our lives but also impact the lives of others. As the stakes rise, so does the hesitation. The head & heart seem to wrestle each other. At this juncture, we need a configuration of what we call energy that constitute human’s consciousness which always arising & subsiding on the screen of consciousness. It is equivalent to dynamic interplay in which virtual particles are created & destroyed without end in a continual variation of energy patterns in quantum field theory which is very much similar to human’s consciousness. To rid over such situation we have designed as given below:


Derive to the world of peace & harmony by connecting the real world. (give wings to your cognitions  by Live the Q-life), the culmination of three knowledge i.e. the Quantum reality (physics), the Neurology  & the Music (physics) into the designs of households Cloths.

All of us want to be creative because it is single way to accomplish our ambitions.       Life is similar to that of musical tune. The periodic oscillation of displacement amplitude (function of KE) & pressure amplitude (function of PE) of air atoms in its layers along with conversion in its KE is also necessary for a consistent musical composition.

Emotion is motion of energy; it can be identified with periodic oscillation of displacement amplitude (activity) & pressure amplitude (emotion). In & around our space, the superposition of two the energy patterns are responsible for giving rise the birth of sound in space. Mode of creation in nature is the almost similar for all non-livings & living beings (quantum field theory in modern physics) that happens endlessly in universe.

When ego (function of potential energy) of a person gets converted perpetually into his activity (function of kinetic energy) may give-rise the birth of new ideas like wise in sound. To accomplish ambition, it is necessary for ambitious person to introspect whether his ego is being converted into his activity like that of music. Conversion of PE into his KE (activity) is another name psychology . Fascinating sound is created out of superposition of two specific overtones produced while playing/composing any musical tunes.

We should be conscious of our dynamic transitory environment coming into being and vanishing in one ceaseless dance of energy in which we live with our ambitions & spouses.  Anthropologigical basis of nervous system facilitates an interaction with cosmos  &  Phylogentic group of complex system of neurons give rise to profound experience of peace are established facts in neuroscience. We feel soothing effect while interacting with stripes of variable widths portrayed as energy layers of cosmos encompassing observers. It is due to inputs seized in portion of limbic system serve to generate & maintain separateness of self due to filtering of neural pathways of neurons. It is state of comprehensive un-restricted oneness with cosmos. Peace or attractiveness are mere sensations mediated by neural transmitters as response to events take place in cosmos encompassing the observers.

 These energy configurations of stripes are the live invisible & stimulated oscillating propagating through space is the expression of energy continuum on the backdrop of Indian Classical Music encompassing observers. It represents non-verbal communication or expressing the underlying reality of nature, symbolizes the mode of vibration analogue to the observers emotion because mind & matters are now seen as enfolding to each other (modern physics)

All types of pleasures, pains are mere emotions/sensations seized in portion of limbic system transmitted through networks of neurons mediated by neurotransmitters as response to the events happens around observers in cosmos is established facts discovered in Neurology. What fascinating sound we hear is transmitted through the layers of encompassing energy of cosmos. The rhythm of oscillation of energy layers are accounts for sweet music with helps the conditioning of the mind of observers. It makes us calm & feel the peace or partial bliss. To live the tag of quantum reality as mentioned above, one has to either sit for meditation or be conditioned by frequent glimpses of above patterns of designs. We know that the knowledge has its source in seeing is an aspect of Indian Wisdom advocated by The Indian yore Patanjal is also true in modern context, as the theory of quanta was defined through continuous watching reaction in bubble chamber’s experiment.

We should view the life through prism of science as this has changed human’s life profoundly on the Earth. It helps us to do away negativity from subconscious mind and helps to achieve the life’s goal. Absence of ONENESS in the family, the communities, the companies, the nations or in the world, divide us in part and create turmoil in the domains of our life. What we need is the transformation of attitude and mindset. It can be achieved through conditioning of mind to the extent of quantum reality (physics).    In neuroscience, the oneness is seen as the merger of trilogy, the perceiver, the perceived and the act of perception into unity (soul) where the perceiver (soul) is only constant in this apparent variable equation of creations in the universe. It is in act of observing, is just an illusion of our perceptive apparatus programmed by the central nervous system. It means the observer become observed without mediation of sense organs. Soothing effects or being attracted by something are the two diverse experiences seized in the portion of limbic system of observers. It is transmitted through respective pathways of complex networks of neurons. Such effects are particularly due to filtering of neural pathways leading to a perception of ONENESS with entire cosmos as inputs serve to generate and maintain separateness of self.

The senses like touch, taste, sound, vision route their inputs through respective group of neurons in portion of limbic system via different groups of complex networks of neurons pathways to the designated areas. The entity (soul) that integrates these outputs is ‘I’ as assumed identity. The coordinated output of separateness keep generating is ego. This split awareness is switched on continuously to both the self & the non-self, are vital for symbiotic existence. Experiencing the extreme peace is a state of altered awareness because the inputs serve to generate & maintain separateness of self, are modulated within limbic system, is a state of comprehensive unrestricted oneness. It is a paradoxical situation of observer becoming observed. Similarly the ego as function of emotion (PE) & the activity as the function of (KE) of a person are equally important for his consistent development & existent. The continual transformation PE into KE is vital for consistent development in general. Linear relationship between consecutive stripes in design patterns are parallel to human’s perceptive apparatus programmed by central nervous system.      

Decision making or taking is not as easy as one thinks. Mind is intrinsically dynamic behaves like see-saw, alternate between hedonism (SUKH-VAD), virtue (ASTITVA)  and between self-castigation (ATMGLANI) & achievements (UPLABDHI).  Mind tends to vacillates ever like our environment (cosmos). Since mind & matters as per modern physics are seen as enfolding projection of one another. Similarly, there exists streaks (glimpses of stripes of various colors) is inseparable part of human’s thinking mind as energy layers running across very fast. Configuration of energy layers which un-forgivingly assaults our conscience (ANTARATMA) and tends to prohibit or exclude the self-esteem. It is like a naughty child quite often pushes us to the cookie jar. It conjures or mystify all sorts of brilliant rational thinking & justifications.  In fact, mind compounds the problem.

The cloths, we have configured with stripes (as energy layers) as design will provide vision to have control on mystified decisions. Stripes as energy layers portrayed on the backdrop of Classical Music will get control over the emotions through scientific means enhancing the creativity of observers. The relation between consecutive stripes is linear and is parallel to human’s perceptive apparatus programmed by the central nervous system because of its fascinating effects we perceive. Contemplation of consecutive energy layers layer will enhance the creativity of observer similar to that of sound created while the two overtones get superimposed to each other. Note that sound is SELF-EXISTENT in nature and a visual design if configured on its backdrop will produce the same effect in human conscious mind.

For any clarification please contact   Mob 07665119216 or 09929182399 RL SINGH. Mail: mission.quantum@gmail.com

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


(for connecting real world)


By virtue of being a science graduate I take up an opportunity of textiles design in solving a burning problems of stress management by the help of most interacted household clothes we use in our every day life. The knowledge gained while coordinating prints & design in a export house along with learning of quantum field theory in modern physics have helped me to formulate the simple solutions of ARDUOUS problems.   Concept of UNITY however plays significant role while evolution of universe. It’s all I felt necessary to include it in textile designing. I used energy layers because music is the unique unifying force of energy (in layers). It is the mathematics of proportionate combinations of overtones which can be mapped out into proportionate stripes (as energy   By virtue of being proportionate, the steady flow & transfer of potential energy into kinetic energy transpires the feeling of peace to observer because of superposition of energy layers. Proportionate combination is simple function of sine/cosine. Our senses are usually like to evaluate quickly is the simple function out of those of abundant choices. Following configuration of stripes is the combination of sine & cosine functions in terms of sound waves where its superposition gives rise fascinating effects thereby transcends every observer’s mind in either case. Get interacted with configuration enclosed herewith draw your own conclusions. Mind and matter are interdependent, correlated mutually enfolding projection of higher reality can be compared with that of higher reality of classical music.

Knowing is impossible without seeing as it has its source is in seeing, thus seeing is the basis of knowing ; when these two get superimposed/compounded gives rise the creation of peace thereby increases his/her creativity. Modern physics reveals the universe as inseparable interacted network of interactions. These interactions involve ceaseless flow of energy; a dynamic interplay between creation & absorptions of energy layers in continual variation of layers present everywhere in space, come & go thereby dissolving into underlying field known as Quantum Field; as dynamic web of interrelated phenomena, they all follow from the properties of other phenomena and overall consistency of their mutual relations determines the structure of entire space. In this network of interactions one can define the properties of unknown phenomena (group of stripes) of designs in terms of known phenomena of musical sound in physics.

Direct intuitive mode of consciousness (non conceptual insights) includes the sudden cognition or remembering of a forgotten name or place on the one hand, is occurred due to shifting of attention from the utmost concentrated mode to relaxation mode; an interplay between conscious mind & the continuous functions of subconscious mind;  interaction is mediated by the curiosity cultivated through the chain of knowledge-understanding-attitude-approach whereas on the other hand , the indirect intuitive mode of consciousness (as conceptual insights) includes the phenomena of creation of photons in the wake of interaction between the two electrons of different mode. In this case the interaction is mediated by the photons.  Science is shared by the most because it is self evident, objective, possesses ability to rise above all kind of dogma prejudices, beliefs and manages to convert the subjective experience (peace) into logical statements through statistical analysis. As we make conscious efforts to stay connected with the realization of energy transformation (potential energy to kinetic energy) we become better equipped with the playing of roles of our life. Knowledge that what appear object is only so because of frequency of wavelengths that our senses (eyes & ears) are capable of perceiving.  Our mind creates image from the continuum of free flowing energy layers on the screen of consciousness. Given the fact that the universe is an interconnected web of physical & mental relations whose end point, (according to renowned physicists Heisen Berg), lies in the realms of consciousness which means observer being a integral components of the universe. When several effects take place simultaneously, their net effects is the sum total of the individual effect. A simple wave can be the total sum of several simple waves which means several waves can traverse the same medium independent of one an other. It all happens due to superposition. In fact, our brain takes decision based on what it can evaluate most quickly (influenced by perceptive apparatus) of several those unorganized choices.
Ensemble of stripe represent the proportionate combination of overtones of musical scale. It gives the net effects of being in motion as sound wave propagates through space. It is equipped with KE by having given the effect of being in motion while PE by having given the proportionate space between stripes to empower the moving effect (as PE is converted into KE). Complete peace is possible if total PE is converted into KE. It is easy to experience by everyone while swinging on a swing (JHULA)

Music is well known for its influence on emotions. It is mathematics of proportionate overtones being represented by the periodic function of sine & cosine where its superposition (of proportionate overtones) gives the creation of musical composition. Analogy enables us to draw these overtones in terms of energy layers represented by group of stripes of proportionate combinations. It can be configured out in terms of Classical Music. The whole episode of periodic oscillation then can be introduced in terms of displacement amplitude (fun. of kinetic energy) & pressure amplitude (fun. of potential energy) can be thought of emotion’s characteristic being integral parts of emotions. While composing music the KE (displacement amplitude) & the PE (pressure amplitude) of medium oscillates periodically about equilibrium position within permissible region where continual transforming of potential energy into kinetic energy is essential for ensuring sensational music. It is true for human body being inseparable component of this universe. It is worth one’s while be lived up with similar designed clothes and be confirmed by self examination about the patters we are enclosing.   

The proportionate combination of proportionate overtones possesses with potential difference ensure steady flow & transfer of energy from potential energy to kinetic energy in either music or in configuration of stripes. Since our senses are capable to perceive simple functions. Interaction is an inevitable part of human’s life can’t live in isolation.  It’s interplay between emotion & ego. The perceived identity that we (as observer) have about others (observed) does/doesn’t connect well with the perceived identity the others (observed) have of us (observer) is a pleasant or unpleasant interaction respectively. It implies that observer and observed must be attuned with each other to enhance the creativity of observer.

Analogy enables us to solve & get control over the human’s emotions with help of textiles designs in terms of science of music. Ensemble of proportionate (fun. of sine or cosine) combinations of stripes represents the proportionate combination of overtones of music. It gives the net effects being in motion (as motion of emotion)

The products we intend to produce is of cutting-edge technology & designs. It not only transpire long-lasting peace/harmony but also enhances creativity thereby observer becomes objective & ambitious. It helps convert his/her potential energy into kinetic energy thus becomes energetic & desirous. Complete peace is possible only when the total PE is converted into KE.  

Vision for gradual cumulative gains, creates conducive environment connecting real world, can enhance export of textiles. Mind and metter being interdependent, correlated mutually and holding projections of higher reality parallel to that of classical music.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A vision for the enhancement

A vision for the enhancement of common creativity by the households clothes (wears & home furnishings etc) can boost  the India’s exports (by introducing  emotion-controlled-designed  clothes) Indian ancient wisdom of classical music, being a unifying force is most sought after peace.
Our  concept  is  based on  the  knowledge  that  what  appears  a  solid  is  only  so  because  of  frequency  of  wavelengths  that  our  senses  are  capable  of  perceiving.  Our  mind  creates  image  from  the continuum of  free flowing  energy on the screen of consciousness is well  defined  by  the  field  theory  in  quantum  physics  & neuroscience in neurology. Nature should be seen as dynamic networks of interactions (networks of concepts) with observers being integral component of the universe.   Encompassing  energy  continuum  is  important  factor as it starts to oscillate on being stimulated by an external source. Sound wave is produced through superposition of proportionate combination of overtones. The displacement amplitude (function of kinetic energy) & pressure amplitude (function of potential energy) having phase difference of 90 degrees oscillate about their equilibrium position within permissible region of medium. When it made to oscillates on the backdrop of classical music a sweet sensational sound we perceive is of highly appreciable & peaceful we feel while interacting or hearing. The whole episode of oscillations of encompassing energy can be mapped out to give a shape of highly objective fascinating /soothing configuration of design for wears and home furnishings.   

It is said that space is pulsating in layers (patterns) of variable energy strengths. The superposition of these layers give rise the birth of infinite forms of non-livings & living beings. Experimental facts  that several waves can traverse the same medium independently of one another. Similarly the superposition of the two specific overtones give rise the birth of musical notes. Also, again the proportionate combinations of proportionate overtones give rise the birth of a fascinating musical tunes or symphony.
The potential difference between either layers or proportionate overtones give rise the steady flow & transfer of energy gives the net effects. It is the expression of our configuration of designs for clothes.
Above episode can be mapped out in terms of a design of stripes as energy layers. Glimpses of group of stripes having mapped out on the backdrop of above musical scale (of proportionate overtones) giving the effects of being in motion transcends the observer’s mind by inducing the feelings of peace & harmony thereby transcends the everyone whoever get interacted. As we make a conscious efforts to stay connected with this realization, we become better equipped to playing roles our life.

Given the fact that the universe is an interconnected web of physical & mental relations whose end points of the chain (according to renowned physicists Heisen Berg ) lie in the realm of consciousness. Modern physics reveals the universe as inseparable integrated network of interactions. These interaction involves the ceaseless flow of energy: a dynamic interplay between the creation & absoption of energy layers in a continual variation of energy layers. It is continuous medium present everywhere in space, come and go thereby dissolving into underlying field known as quantum field. Universe is seen as dynamic web of interrelated phenomena, they all follow from the properties of other phenomena and overall consistency of their mutual relations determines the structure of entire space. In this network of interactions one can define a unknown natural phenomena in terms of a known phenomena (in this case musical phenomena is known to large extent thus the phenomena of variable stripes can be understand in this way).When we understand something from sound phenomena then we can configured out it into designs of clothes.