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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Foster scientific temperament in society

OBJECTIVE IS TO FOSTER SCIENTIFIC TEMPERAMENT IN SOCIETY. Enginneered fashion pertaining to lifestyle is on cards as IMAGINATION, is eligible to be transformed into reality with help of J.Fourier & Hooke's analysis in mathematics. Imagination & reality are inseparable. Theories & Models of Modern Physics lead to a view of intangible (अदृष्य) world found to be internally consistent and perfect harmony with human's consciousness. Functions in real and imaginary spaces are interconvertible. Mathematician J. Fourier (1768-1830) who dealt with two spaces showed that a simple periodic motion of a particle can be imagined as combination of several simple periodic motion. Practically several nos. of simple periodic motion spring up in space while playing or composing any musical tune. These all periodic motions get superimposed on one another in space and give rise a resultant simple periodic motion. Note that simple periodic motions are the combinations of sine & cosine functions to which our senses are highly sensitive to capture, because, intuitive mind takes decision based on what it can evaluate most quickly. ANALOGY MAKES US ENABLE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF WAVERING MIND BY USING THE TECHNIQUES ALREADY DEVELOPED IN PHYSICS FOR UNIFICATION THROUGH SUPERPOSITION POSSIBILITIES OF SEVERAL KINDS OF WAVES TRAVERSING THE SAME SPACE INDEPENDENTLY OF ONE ANOTHER ( IT IS A EXPERIMENTAL FACTS). All sorts of concepts like love, hate, ego, jealosy, greed and anger are equivalent to imagination, are intangible /invisible varying energy (in patterns), causes the mind to excite (asper variation in energy). Excitation can be restri -cted within proportional region through frequent observation (as per PATANJAL's WISDOM) of proportionate varying energy patterns represented by the overtones drawn under guidance of certain ordered relationships on the backdrop of classical music ( a unifying force). It conditioned the observers' emotions. We all experience it throughout the life. It restricts the excited mind under proportional region.Because beyond this region, the potential energy function of a oscillator does not hold good. Everything of this universe are interrelated with each other, thus the law of nature be equally applicable to everything else (advocated by High Energy physicists of USA, Dr. Frifjof Capra in his book named as 'The Tao of Physics'. PATTERNS OF QUARKS & MUSICAL SCALE ARE SAME: Quark Pattern (is a structure of universal process) is manifestations of ordered relationships between varying patterns of energy. Transmission of informations through out the space is guided by certain ordered relationships alike to music. It is analogous to musical scale where transformation of energy between the varying pattern becomes easy enabling composer to compose the fascinating music.For configuration log on -missionquantum.blogspot.com along with Rajasthan Patrika notes & comments made by DST Director Dr. Amita Gill. REFERANCES: Mind & Matters are interdependent, correlated, mutually enfolding projection of higher reality (D.Bhom,Theoretical Physicists). In wake of cognition, the conscious mind interplay between the utmost concentration to relaxation mode about equilibrium position (goal) within nature's permissible region (capacity). For details, please log on missionquantum.blogspot.com Mob +917665119216 +919169346216. From: RAM LAGAN SINGH, 52, Kalyan Colony, Khatipura Circle. Jaipur-302012. (Rajasthan)

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